A Complete Guide to Staging Your Luxury Home

Tracy Wood

When selling a home, it’s always a good idea to have the space staged. There are a few main reasons people will go through the added work of hiring someone to stage their home. These include a higher likelihood of selling for more than the asking price, spending less time on the market, and increasing the chances that a buyer is able to immediately imagine themselves as the new owner of the home. Selling a home in the luxury market requires an additional level of finesse. You can expect a percentage of your money back, though how much varies on your area and your specific interior designer’s rates. Continue reading through this guide for some key points for staging your luxury home for the market.

Ensure the Space is Clean

Before settling on any major design choices, go through and deep clean the house. You’ll want to make sure that all surfaces are free of dust and dirt, pet hair, human hair, and trash. If you’d like to outsource this cleaning, you can visit Angi and find a housekeeper near you. This would also be a good time to go around and depersonalize your home. Take down pictures, remove posters or hanging decor, remove hobby collections, paint over accent walls, and pair down on your possessions to make the space more clutter-free.


Any home can be staged to look nice, so it’s important to play up the unique features to the best of your ability. Essentially, you’re selling the lifestyle of being in the home. If they can imagine bringing their kids in from the beach and getting cleaned up in the mud room, then you’ve increased your chances of selling the home.

Keep Colors Neutral

We all love a good splash of color, but when staging home, less is truly much, much more. Vibrant, eye-catching shades can be beautiful, but they can also make a home feel like it’s suited to match a particular taste. It’s a wiser choice to opt for neutral paints and finishes. The use of these toned-down colors ensures that the buyer has an easier time feeling at home or imagining themselves in the space, as well as making the home feel newer and fresher. Choosing a shade of white for your walls can also improve the visibility of your home, for the main reason that white tends to photograph well. It’s also easier for a designer to curate furniture pieces and decor when they’re not confined to a particular color scheme. More and more buyers are beginning their home search online. If you choose to list your home on websites, photographs which are clear and bright are helpful for those shopping through their screens.

Make Use of the Lighting

We’ve all been in a home that had poor lighting. The effect made spaces feel smaller than they should. Homes spend more time on the market than they would if they were well-lit. That’s why lighting is one of the main things to consider when staging your home. Each space should be well lit, whether that’s thanks to natural light streaming in through unblocked windows or any of the variety of indoor lighting methods there are out there. As long as each room is clear to see, the house’s natural features will be accentuated. Proper lighting can also make your rooms feel larger when you step into them, which attracts buyers. When choosing your lighting methods, keep in mind to choose statement fixtures that will draw the eye and bring the room together.

Avoid Overcrowding or Cluttering

As referenced in the last section, rooms that feel large attract more buyers than those that don’t. While lighting can play a large part in this, it’s important that your furniture and decor designs are kept in check. Take a minimalist approach when choosing decor. There likely won’t be sentimental knick-knacks taking up space, so showcase the area with furniture, a handful of plants, and tasteful choices of throw pillows, blankets, book arrangements, etc. The key is to make it feel like a home without overdoing it. It’ll be easier to show off your home’s best features when they’re not covered by decorative items.

Decorate With Original Art Pieces

Any designer can go out and get a cookie-cutter imitation of famous artwork, but this will not wow a luxury buyer. Using original art pieces as decorative focal points works to make the home feel more refined as if the collection has been carefully curated to suit the home, which it has. There’s also the additional possibility that they’ll fall in love with the artwork and you can negotiate the selling price of the home with the art included.

Don’t Forget the Outside

The inside of the home may be where the owners spend the majority of their time, but it’s the curb appeal that will be the first to catch their eye. Ensuring that the front yard and front of the house look polished and presentable will get buyers in the door to look at the rest of the house. Consider power washing the driveway, sidewalks, porch, and exterior of the home. Wash the windows and make sure that the lawn is well taken care of. And you can’t forget the backyard when improving the look of the exterior of your home. Patio furniture should be clean and the backyard should be as presentable as the front.

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